52000 tons of non-ferrous metal were produced in 2014



London metal exchange prices
for June 25, 2019

Zn Zinc 2 644 +3.99%
Ni Nickel 12 210 +1.2%
Sn Tin 19 030 -0.52%
Pb Lead 1 887.5 -0.34%
Cu Copper 5 985.5 +1.16%
Al Aluminium 1 776.5 +1.89%


Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company was founded in October 1999. Creation of UMMC-NFMP division In May 2007, UMMC has created a division of management and products sales of factories processing non-ferrous metals: UMMC-NFMP. It includes JSC “Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant” and Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek (Serbia). Since 2014 LLC “UMMC-NFMP” also performs the functions of a management company in respect of JSC “Revda non-ferrous metal processing works”.

Today the company UMMC-NFMP has equipment that enables to produce more than 80 thousand different products is made of 95 brands of alloy, in accordance with the list of requirements of European standards.

UMMC-NFMP is a registred producer of rolled metal from antimicrobial copper and copper alloys under the brand Cu+ in the international association Copper Alliance (USA)

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