Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant for the 7 months increased the output of rolled products

August 31, 2010

JSC "Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant ” (processing complex of UMMC) over the seven months of 2010 produced 12 502.3 tons of rolled non-ferrous metals, exceeding targets. In the structure of production brass and copper rolling constitute the bulk (56, 6% and 41, 2% respectively), the rest share is in bronze and copper-nickel alloys.

As said Deputy Chief Engineer Vyacheslav Lozhkin, traditionally the main type of plant products are brass and copper radiator strips.

In the total output share of the radiator strips takes more than 30%. Compared with the corresponding period last year radiator strips were produced at 1,245.3 tons more, including copper and brass foil produced by commissioned a year ago the camp Quarto-160 by “Danieli Frohling” and slitting line by “Burghardt+Scmidt”.

"High productivity and quality of equipment that meets European standards, the company's ability to respond quickly to market demands and provide the most stringent customer requirements allow the Kirov Plant maintain positive dynamics", - said Vyacheslav Lozhkin.

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