Kirov non-ferrous plant improved rolled metal production technology

March 26, 2010

Kirov Non-Ferrous Plant (KZОCM, an enterprise of UMMC semi-fabricating complex) improved the technology of production of copper belt used by building companies for roofing.

«Roofing belt shall satisfy numerous requirements set by builders that use expensive copper to ensure durability of roof, its good appearance, ease of installation and economical consumption of materials», - Alexandr Luzhbin, Deputy Chief Engineer – Head of KZOCM Technical Department says.

For this reason, KZOCM engineering teams and operators of the new rolling mill Quarto-160 designed by Danieli-Fröhling (Germany) performed a thorough trial of rolling pattern to meet specified technical requirements and to obtain shiny surface.

In general, high-tech finishing equipment makes it possible to achieve the strictest qualitative characteristics of produced belts as regards chemical composition, mechanical properties, production precision and surface quality. Secure packing of products guarantees additional protection from damages and oxidation during transportation and storage by end user.

It should be reminded that the new rolling complex of KZOCM was established within the frames of UMC investment program and includes Danieli-Fröhling Quarto-160 high-velocity rolling mill (Germany), Burghardt+Scmidt slitting line (Germany) and Otto Junker continuous annealing line (Germany).

In 2010, when annealing facilities of KZOCM complex are started, a through technology will be applied. It guarantees high quality and efficiency as well as lower wastes generation and rolled metal production costs throughout the operating cycle. Investments in project realization are estimated at more than Euro 30 mln.

New quality - a new brand

August 29, 2019

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