Kirov non-ferrous plant increased production volume 1,7 times in the first half-year

July 12, 2010

Kirov Non-Ferrous Plant (KZОCM, an enterprise of UMMC semi-fabricating complex and part UMMC-Non-Ferrous Metals) increased rolled metal production volume 1,7 times in the first half-year compared to the analogous period in the previous year.

«Moreover, actual values of the first half-year have exceeded the target values as well, - Andrei Levichev, Deputy Director of KZOCM noted. – It is explained by skillful merchandising UMMC-Non-Ferrous Metals division that takes into account capability of the enterprise to meet the requirements of different customers as regards product mix, quality and supply volume of competitive products, as well as flexibility in the market and optimal use of technical capabilities».

As for the output structure, its greatest part is rolled brass and copper (53% and 40% respectively). In the 1st half of the current year production of rolled brass reached 163%, rolled copper - 179 % compared to the analogous period in 2009.

«Since the second half of 2009, as the result of strict compliance with the crisis management program which strategic target was cut of nonproductive expenditures and achievement of efficiency using internal reserves, development of new technologies and bringing foil production of the modern rolling complex (that is being introduced within the frames of UMMC investment program) to the design figure, the plant steadily expands production capacity, - Andrei Levichev states. – As predicted, the growth trend will be maintained and it will help us to reach higher performance indicators».

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