Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant is 55 today

January 12, 2011

January 12, 1956 Minister of Non-ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR, P. F. Lomako approved the act of the state commission on acceptance and commissioning of the first stage of the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant. This day is the birthday of the plant.

But history of the company began in 1939 when by the Decree of People's Commissars of the USSR it was decided to build in the Kirov city brass-rolling plant. Because of the war, construction of the plant had been suspended, but a month after the victory, 16 June 1945, the decision was got to resume construction of the plant, which derives its modern name - the Kirov Non-ferrous Metals Processing Plant.

"History of the plant - it is years of continuous technological development, improvement of production technology of rolled copper and its alloys, the development of new products", - said Deputy Chief Engineer, Head of Technical Department Kirov Non-Ferrous Processing Plant, Luzhbin Alexander, who is over 30 years of experience in technical re-equipment of enterprises .

Note that on account of the Kirov metallurgist there are many victories, which created the Kirov Plant’s reputation as a unique and leading company of Russian non-ferrous metallurgy. One of those victories - the development in the 70th of the last century production of precision steel for the production of radiators Zhiguli - small cars, established on the basis of Italian technology for the production of which Volga Automobile Plant was built. Another - the implementation of an innovative project UMMC on introduction of advanced technologies especially thin strips, intended also for the production of automobile radiators of new generation.

"Long-term specialization in manufacturing radiator strips and continuous improvement brought the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant to the rank of the leading manufacturers of high quality rolled products in Russia", - said Alexander Luzhbin.

In the implementation of the program of reconstruction and development of new metallurgical complex, which included the latest modern equipment with a closed cycle of melting and casting to the finished product, the Kirov Plant provided, and the only one in Russia, production of copper foil with quality characteristics, not inferior to foreign analogues.

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