UMMC implemented at the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant new complex of production especially thin rolled metal

January 21, 2011

UMMC has completed the establishment of the Kirov Plant a modern foundry-rolling complex with a cross-cutting technology from casting to rolling strips with thickness of 25 microns (this strip is thinner than a human hair). UMMC investing in the project amounted to over 30 million euros.

On Friday, 21 January, the company entered into operation the line of continuous annealing by Otto Junker (Germany). This is the fourth and final stage of the investment program. In a solemn ceremony of launching the line representatives of administration of the Kirov region and the city of Kirov, the leadership of UMMC and management company UMMC-Non-ferrous Metals was attended.

For the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant to create a modern foundry-rolling complex has greatly expanded the boundaries of possibilities. This complex is capable of handling very thin strip at high speeds, which allows to manufacture a large number of the highest quality products.

The main purpose of strips - production of modern car radiators with high heat irradiation and low metal content. "The composition of UMMC includes the two largest radiator factory – Shadrinsky Automobile Units Plant and Orenburg Radiator" who have mastered the production of radiators on Western technology. Accordingly, they needed a strip made by Western standards. Nobody could do it in Russia. Construction of the complex at the Kirov Plant will solve this problem ", - said director of plant Alexander Darenskiy.

However, with this task the reconstruction of the enterprise does not end there. "Competition continues to grow, and if in the past we had competed only with domestic producers, but now are forced to do so with the foreign players who are also actively trying to develop the Russian market. That’s why we have no choice as to continue the way of modernization ", - said the head of the company.

Line Otto Junker Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant allows to produce the final treatment strips of copper, brass and bronze, with a maximum weight of annealed rolls in 5 tons. Continuous annealing line is entered into a single complex with installed before a vertical continuous casting SMS Meer (Germany), pitched the Quarto-160 of Danieli Fröhling (Germany) and the cutting line Burghardt + Schmidt (Germany). Annual capacity of the new complex, the creation of which Kirov Plant began in 2005, is 11 thousand tons of rolled metal.

Note that work on development of production of high-tech products deep processing agreed with strategy UMMC, oriented to the domestic market for products in accordance with international standards, including environmental. Now Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant can fully present the domestic and foreign markets products, whose quality of consumer features on the level of the best international producers. First, it is strips of copper and brass in different thickness range for modern designs of radiators.

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