UMMC-Non-Ferrous Metals Enterprises entered the top five producers of non-ferrous roll

January 26, 2011

Following the second half of 2010 JSC "Kirov Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant" and JSC «Kolchugtsvetmet» (processing complex UMMC) occupied respectively the first and third positions in the ranking of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal products, compiled by the specialized magazine "Metal Supply and Sales" (№ 1 / 2011).

The rankings are based on questionnaires received from buyers of metals products, the results of the survey of experts metals market, as well as a comprehensive analysis of companies. In determining the best companies the following criteria were: the dynamics of business development, supply volumes, level of service, product quality, supplier reliability in terms of contractual obligations during a crisis.

Remind that  since 1999 the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant holds a leading position in the ranking, occupying the first row among the rolled non-ferrous metals producers.

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