Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant demonstrated its achievements

October 18, 2012

As a part of the Year of the working man, which is declared in the Kirov region in 2012, Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant held a press tour for journalists of regional media.

The goal of the press tour - is to demonstrate to the public technical development achievements of one of the leading Russian non-ferrous metals processing plant and to show the atmosphere created for the people, who work here and what is expected in the long-term perspective.

This is what Alexander Darenskiy, the Director of Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant, told reporters at a press conference held with the Deputy Prime Minister of Kirov region Georgiy Machekhin: "Last year, the plant completed the investment program on building the unique metallurgical complex for manufacture of ultra-precise and thin rolling, mainly for foil production of thickness of 25 microns for machinery enterprises. Its quality meets high international standards and Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant is the only Russian company manufacturing such thin rolling,"- said Alexander Darenskiy.

The plant also produces unique coin alloy for production of 25 rubles coins with symbol of the upcoming Sochi Olympics. The first big state mint order is executed, and in 2013 it is expected the second. Significant achievement is the roofing technology improvement, in accordance with modern requirements of construction industry. Developing technologies, the plant has invested heavily in training the personnel, in order to match their qualifications with up-to-date automated control systems of equipment complex. Creating a supportive and safe work environment, providing social protection and guarantees, raises the prestige of working professions and helps the plant to successfully meet the challenges of improving the efficiency of its production".

Excursion to the rolling mill for journalists of regional newspapers and television channels became an excellent confirmation of the words, where they were able to see how a new set of equipment works: rolling mill "Danieli Frцhling", cutting line "Burghardt+Schmidt" continuous horizontal annealing line "Otto Junker", to communicate with shop workers and heads of departments.

Assessing the Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant, Georgiy Machekhin emphasized that being the best company in the region, the plant is in constant development, in line with market trends to develop programs of modernization, the development of new technologies and products.

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