UMMC-NFMP in conjunction with Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant implement the energy efficiency program

August 24, 2012

In 2012 the Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant will complete the program out of steam consumption with the transition to alternative sources of heat.

"This is caused by the aim to upset the enterprise from the dependence of services costs of natural monopolies. From year to year the rates escalates, this negative influences to the production activity efficiency, - says Oleg Afanasiev, the Technical director of UMMC-NFMP company. With the abandonment of the using the steam the plant will receive more opportunities to raise its competitiveness.

Preliminary work has been made by the specialists of the plant and managing company which included technical support, development and approval of an action plan of the program and the necessary calculations. For the current year the realization of its practical part is aimed: acquisition and installation state of art equipment and instruments in plant’s departments in order to change over production process to the other energy sources and also to fit up by them such facilities where the steam is used for fire-fighting purposes.

It is expected that the plant will get a high effective output from investment: the costs, spent on non-steam program will pay off within a year.

Another major action in order to improve the energy efficiency of production is self-sustaining by technical water through the arrangement on the territory of the plant of wells for water abstraction, which would increase energy security and reduce the purchase cost of water on the side.


LLC "UMMC-NFMP" is the managing company of JSC "Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant" and JSC "Kolchugino non-ferrous metals processing plant ". Along with the products of the enterprises company sells rolled products of "Revda non-ferrous metalsa processing works "and "Copper Tube Plant" (Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek, Serbia)

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