Congratulations from General Director of UMMC-NFMP with the first of May

May 1, 2015

Dear colleagues and partners!
I congratulate you with the Day of Spring and Labor!

1 of May – is a Labor Day, proclaiming the work as the foundation of our bright and stable future! The possibilities, talents and aspirations of each of us in the union will provide confidence and success - we can make tomorrow the way we wanted it to be! Only hard work, responsibility and a desire to achieve high results - pledge of well-being and pride of oneself, their families and the whole country!

Let the work always brings you satisfaction, encouraging results of efforts invested, and in the bustle of everyday there is always a reason for joy and smiles.

Do not stop there, believe in themselves and their capabilities. May all your good intentions will succeed! Be healthy and full of vitality. Peace, harmony and prosperity to you and your families!

Alexander Bannikov,
general director

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