The plants of LLC "UMMC-NFMP" release non-standard products according to customer request

April 22, 2015

requests from clients of non-standard products. For each request the technological schemes of production have been elaborated, the technical requirements have been made up or suitable alternatives have been suggested.


Thus, the plants of  LLC "UMMC-NFMP" mastered the production of:


• soft copper strips with thickness of 0,06-0,15 mm and width of 10 mm with inner

  diameter: 76 mm, 81 mm, 152 mm and 200 mm which are used for cables screening;


• tubes from complex alloyed brass CuZn30Al3Mn3SiNiCr, which are used in the car



• 1 size of waveguide tubes from oxygen-free copper with the size 23х10х2 mm which

  are used in radar stations;


• shaped copper-nickel rods of alloy CuNi10Fe1Mn, which are used for fittings  

   Manufacture   in shipbuilding;


• copper bars from oxygen-free copper for the electrical engineering, etc

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