Ural copper will replace import

April 29, 2015

Today industrial potential of UMMC-NFMP is aimed at import substitution in the electrical industry, the production of batteries and electrical cables, refrigeration, mechanical engineering.

One of the keenly demand products in the electrical industry its a copper foil. KZOCM produces copper foil thickness of 25 microns, and actively develops the production of foil thickness of 15 microns or less. According to its characteristics this product complies with the highest international quality standards and are competitive by replacing imported analogues. KZOCM actively improving processes in this direction, expanding the range and fills the shortage of copper foil in the fields of industry, where it is particularly necessary. Copper tubes are supplied to refrigeration equipment, solar panels, electric cables, computer cooling systems manufacturers.

RZOCM and Kolchugtsvetmet produces copper tubes, identical imported models. They are resistant to corrosion, have a huge reserve of mechanical strength and resistance to high temperatures and pressure.

UMMC-NFMP used in its production the latest technologies and realize exclusive customer orders. Only in the past year UMMC-NFMP plants completed more than 300 orders for non-standard products by  request of customers.

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