Melt shop at Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant started modernization of the melting furnace ILK/1,6

April 2, 2019

The furnace will be equipped with a foundry machine to pour large-sized ingots from the melting furnace direct to a crystallizer pan.

Yuri Shumailov, Deputy Chief Engineer and Head of Technical Department at Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant, told, that to cast flat-shaped ingots with a width 800 to 1 000 mm and cylindrical ingots with a diameter 400 to 650 mm a melting furnace and mixer ILDM-5 are used at present. While overflowing liquid metal enriches with oxygen, which may cause pores in ingots.

“The main advantage of the new foundry machine is that it prevents contact with the air. This will help to improve the quality of ingots, which in its turn will improve the quality of end products”, said Yuri Shumailov.

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