New quality - a new brand

August 29, 2019

“UMMC NFMP” LLC developed a new brand and registered the KIRROOFF trademark for the copper roofing of the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant

As a result of technical modernization of manufacturing process, it became possible to produce a copper roofing equal to more expensive foreign analogues, but at a competitive price. KIRROOFF strips and sheets meet the requirements of both: customers who expect a perfectly smooth, noble copper shade surface, as well as architectural and installation roofing companies, for which the main thing is precise geometric parameters and mechanical properties.

As part of the strategic development plan, at the beginning of 2019, “UMMC NFMP” LLC signed a distribution agreement with RosCvetMet, which is now the official supplier of KIRROOFF roofing.

Another strategic partner of the company is the architectural and installation company KrovExpo, for which it is important to have a reliable supplier for the implementation of its design projects, has already been able to evaluate the high quality of the KIRROOFF roof, using it in its projects this summer season.

Now, by purchasing a KIRROOFF copper roofing, the consumer can be sure that these are products from a reliable manufacturer, of European quality, at a competitive price.

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