A new tailor-made tube-drawing bench completed the equipment fleet of Revda non-ferrous metal processing plant

April 30, 2019

As provided by the retrofitting and upgrading plant a new 75 ton tube-drawing bench manufactured by Irkutsk heavy engineering construction plant (IZTM) has been installed at Revda non-ferrous metal processing works. This bench has been developed by designers of Irkutsk plant in cooperation with manufacturing engineers of Revda works and is intended for production of a wide range of cold-drawn copper and copper alloy tubes with a diameter of 100 to 310 mm. This type of product is new for Revda works.

“In distinction from serial tube-drawing benches manufactured by IZTM the bench installed at our plant has two hydraulic tube end pointing units”, tells Alexander Mankov, manufacturing engineer in the New Equipment Bureau at Revda plant. Pipe billets with an outer diameter from 104 to 180 mm shall be in the future drawn fully automatically, and pipe billets with a diameter from 150 to 380 mm shall be drawn by pushing semi-automatically.

As of today all the installation works are completed. In the first stage of commissioning the tube end pointing unit for tubes with an outer diameter from 104 to 180 mm has been successfully tested. The new tube-drawing bench will start operate both in automatic and semi-automatic mode starting from May 2019.

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