Copper for the cable industry

September 13, 2019

“UMMC NFMP” LLC Management Company took part in the 74th General Meeting of the members of the non-profit partnership of cable products manufacturers "Association" Electrocable "in Gelendzhik.

One of the blocks of the seminar program was devoted to materials for cable products. The largest copper producers and processors in Russia shared with the leaders of cable and wire products manufacturing enterprises (PPC) the results of their analytical studies in the field of raw materials use, technology development, and price risk management.

Andrey Belorybkin, Head of Sales branch at “UMMC NFMP” LLC, spoke about the market for copper raw materials and the use of copper cathodes and waste in the production of copper alloys and rolled copper. The report noted a growing trend in the involvement of scrap in cathode production and the outflow of secondary raw materials from rolled products. This trend is confirmed by the example of the Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant   (part of the “UMMC NFMP” LLC), which uses only cathode copper in the manufacture of copper tape for cable shielding.

Svetlana Aksenova, head of the active sales department at UMMC-OTSM, noted that “the event is valuable not only as a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge between industry experts, but is also an effective place to seek long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.”

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