Technology first! UMMC-NFMP took part in INNOPROM 2019

July 10, 2019

UMMC-NFMP took part in the International Industrial Fair INNOPROM 2019. The company exposition was dedicated to the results of investment projects on Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant and Revda non-ferrous metal processing works.

Anton Azanov, General Director of the management company, met Andrey Kozitsyn, CEO of UMMC Holding, at the company booth: “It’s a great honor to present the results of ambitious modernization today on INNOPROM, and especially this year, when UMMC Holding celebrates its anniversary. Owing to production and equipment upgrading we managed to increase the output of copper rolled products by 15 % compared to the previous year and now are ready to offer our customers a bigger variety of copper and copper alloy products”. “Technology first” was the main theme of UMMC-NFMP exposition. Implementation of new technologies provided new opportunities for extension of the production program, improvement of copper rolled products quality and shortening of manufacturing timelines. An example is manufacturing process of rolled products from extra heavy ingots, which Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant implemented recently.

Every visitor of UMMC-NFMP booth became a chance to see, that these are not just words. With VR headsets any interested person was able to see modern rolling equipment, heating of 5 ton ingots, hot and cold rolling, and cutting process.

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