The East is a delicate matter, but for us it is a metal consuming as well

November 28, 2019

Understanding the “intricacies” of demand for non-ferrous rolled products in the construction industry and expanding the geography of supplies to the Middle East are the main goals of “UMMC NFMP” LLC participation in the 40th THE BIG5 international exhibition in Dubai (UAE).

The supply of non-ferrous rolled products abroad is one of the key development vectors for the company. The quality of rolled products “UMMC NFMP” LLC has already been evaluated by foreign consumers of the CIS countries and Europe. In order to develop supplies to the Middle East, managers and specialists of the sales service of the management company presented products for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, pipes made of copper-based alloys with a diameter of up to 510 mm.

The international exhibition not only serves as a platform for negotiations with potential consumers, but also provides an opportunity for the exchange of experience with foreign manufacturers, provides information on the market features, on the existing demand for non-ferrous rolled products in the region's construction industry.

The exhibition was not chosen by chance. The volume of construction in the UAE is growing steadily, and Dubai is the exhibition capital of the entire Middle East, Africa and Asia. The BIG5 is the main event of the region, where national expositions of the largest exporting states of East and West are presented. Nearly 70,000 industry representatives from more than 140 countries have planned a visit to the anniversary THE BIG5 in 2019.


We discovered America

November 11, 2019

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