UMMC-NFMP develops export activities

June 1, 2019

Export deliveries are one of UMMC-NFMP priorities at present. Through difficult political and economic environment, the company manages not only to keep export sales, but also to increase export sales. In the first 5 months of 2019 the sales gains amounted to almost 10 %. Strong business relationships form a stable foundation of efficient cooperation with foreign companies. So the company is always glad to welcome potential customers at UMMC-NFMP plants.

On 28-29 May delegates from one of the leading European manufacturer of non-ferrous products visited Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant. Technical managers of Kirov plant together with Tatiana Kuchina, Head of Sales and Marketing, and Elena Zyryanova, Head of Foreign Trade Activities Department, discussed possible cooperation with their guests.

Sergey Mokeev, Chief Engineer of Kirov plant, gave a tour along the whole production cycle for guests and paid special attention to the fact, that UMMC-NFMP is able to deliver quality complying with world standards. “High quality of our products is achieved thanks to implementation of up-to-date technologies and equipment, such as modernized hot rolling mill DUO-850, rolling mill Quatro-450, and transverse-longitudinal cutting line Saliko”, explained Sergey Mokeev.

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