Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant

Darenskiy Alexander Ivanovich

Date of Birth: 14.03.1963 г., Stepnoi Kuchuk, Rodinsky District, Altai Krai.

Education: Vladimir Engineering College, specialty "metal cutting"; Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, specialty "engineer-economist".

Labour activity:

1989-1990 гг. – economist of electric smelting workshop, an economist at the rolling mill workshop (KFNMP);

1990-1991 гг. – a senior economist at the rolling mill workshop (KFNMP);

1991-1995 гг. – Deputy Chief Accountant (KFNMP);

1996-2000 гг. – Chief Accountant (KFNMP);

2000-2001 гг. – Director of Commerce and Finance  (KFNMP);

2001-2007 гг. – General director (KFNMP);

Since 2007 г. – Director (KFNMP).

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