Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek

Makurov Sergei Anatolevich

Date and place of birth: 25/10/1972, in Pervouralsk city, Sverdlovsk region.

Education: Ural State Technical University - UPI (1995), specialty "Pressure metal treatment", qualification: engineer-metallurgist. Ural State Technical University - UPI (2001), specialty: "Management", qualification: manager, engineer -economist.

Professional experience:

01.02.1992 – 06.02.1995 – Teacher of electronic computer facilities at school of Pervouralsk city;

20.02.1995 –30.06.1998 - JSC Verkh Isetskiy Metallurgical Plant, engineer technologist, master of rolling section

01.07.1998 –12.08.2001 - LLC "VIZ-Stal", rolling section master;

13.08.2001 – 22.10.2002 - LLC «Ural Plant of metal", the chief engineer;

28.10.2002 –01.08.2013 - LLC "VIZ-Stal", Production Manager - Head of department, Deputy Commercial Director, Deputy General Director, General Director;

08.09.2014– 19.10.2015 – LLC UMMC-NFMP, Head of Production and Technical Department;

20.10.2015– to the present day - Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek, Technical Director;

23.06.1999 - Thanks of «Verkh Isetskiy Metallurgical Plant»
27.06.2001 - Thanks of LLC "VIZ-Stal"
14.11.2011 - Certificate of Honor  of Sverdlovsk region Governor

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