Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek

Marakulin Vladimir Valeryevich

Date of birth: 17.03.1985 in Sverdlovsk city.
Place of study: "Ural State Law Academy", "Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Law," specialty "jurisprudence".

Professional experience:
2007-2008 Associate, Department of International and Foreign Economic Relations of Sverdlovsk Region
2009-2010 Engineer of sales department, LLC "UMMC-OCM"
2010-2012 Head of Regional Sales, LLC "UMMC-OCM"
In 2011 he was awarded with the Certificate of LLC "UMMC-OCM"
2012-2016 Commercial director at  Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek
In 2014 he received letter of thanks of LLC “UMMC-Holding”
Since 07.2016 General Director at Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek

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