Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek

Marinkovic Lydia Nikolaevna

Date of birth: 05/07/1972 in  Sovetsk city, Kirov Oblast
Place of study: "Vyatka State University", specialty "Accounting and Audit", qualification "Economist"; "Kirov Cooperative College" specialty "Accounting"
Professional experience:

1995-2002 Chief Accountant, JSC "Vyatka - Agro"
2002-2008 Senior Accountant, Ltd. "Trade Center" ASCOT "
2008-2009 Chief Accountant division of "Kirovhleb" division "Poultry Farm Kotel'nich"
2009-2011 Chief Accountant, Ltd. "Teck"
2011-2013 Chief Accountant, Ltd. "Neftemashstroy"
Since 02.2013- Chief Accountant at Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek

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