Kirov Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant

Martynov Andrey Mihaylovich

Date of birth: 08.01.1971 Novovyatskiy city, Kirov region.

Education: Perm State Technical University, specialty "Mechanical Engineer"

Professional experience:

1993-1994 – Process Engineer of the Kirov Machine Building Plant named after May 1;

1996-1997 – engineer to ensure the pre-production, manager- team leader of rubber, deputy director of the company "Metalist", JSC "Kirov Plant tillers";

1997-2000 – leading engineer of the sales department and finished products of the Kirov biochemical plant;

2000-2001  – Engineer of quality control at KNFMP;

2001-2002  – Deputy Head of the production of smelting shop at KNFMP;

2002-2007  – Deputy General Director for Quality - Head UKP at KNFMP;

Since 2007  – Deputy Director of Quality - Head UKP at KNFMP.

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