Revda non-ferrous metal processing works

Public joint-stock company "Revda non-ferrous metal processing works" is the leading enterprise in Russia for the production of tubes, rods, wire, solid or hollow profiles, casting blanks which made of copper, brass, copper-nickel alloys, bronze. The main products of the plant are thin-walled, medium and small diameter tubes for general purpose, tubes for heat exchange devices, tubes for pressure gages, waveguides, and thin-walled capillary copper tubes for refrigeration and instrument-making industry, air-conditioning, flat-oval and round radiator tubes, tubes antifriction alloys and others.

The product range is extremely wide and is about 10 thousand sizes and and appellations. Opportunities of enterprise allow to produce tubes in coils of up to 10 kilometers and tubes in straight up to 12 m., with a diameter from 1,2 up to 100 mm, wall thickness from 0, 1 up to 25 mm.  Dimensional tolerances of certain types of tubes do not exceed a few microns.

Manufacturing process involves melting and casting, pressing, rolling and wire drawing process stages, which are equipped with powerful modern equipment. Quality of products is controlled by laboratory equipped with the modern instruments and testing machines. All products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of national, international and foreign standards.  Production facilities allow to constantly expand the range of products.


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history of the plant

1942 – 1975

The first workpiece of tubes.

1942 – 1975

JSC "Revda non-ferrous metal processing works" -is the first nonferrous metallurgy enterprises in Revda Sverdlovsk region. The plant was established on the basis of a plant for processing non-ferrous metals named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze.

1941 - was installed the first drawing machine in the workshop number 4.

December 6, 1941 - Were released the first 56 kg radiator tubes for the aviation industry.

1960 - 1970 гг. – Delivery of products was established to 12 countries, mastered the casting of very pure nickel alloys in vacuum furnaces. Was commissioned pressing-drawing shop number 3 for the production of copper tubes in coils.


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