Our values

UMMC-Non-Ferrous Metals Corp. being a part of Ural Mining&Metallurgical Company shares all principles which are followed by UMMC-Holding and all its enterprises in their activities.

People. They are the main value of the company. UMMC is proud of each employee and does its best to care for people.

Ecology. We live and work in the most picturesque territory of our Motherland and certainly feel obligated to save beauty and virginity of our dear land for further generations.

Spirituality. UMMC took deep roots in the Urals, i.e. the region with the richest spiritual traditions and various confessions. We respect all confessional directions without any priority.

Reliability. We have never betrayed our partners and greatly appreciate the fact that our partners always behave in the same manner.

Image. Our company has gained a fair market name due to our activities, high production and financial performances, our attitude to the society, environment, partners. We make significant endeavours to rank with the leaders of Russian business.

Professionalism. Knowledge and experience is the key to success in the current pipeline. It is true professionals who are the active forces leading the company to success.

Effectiveness. Enhancement of effectiveness being one of the UMMC key goals is evidently considered as a shareholder value driver.

Confidence. One of the main factors of UMMC success is confidence. We aware that all relations with investors, partners and clients are based on confidence. Now we say for certain that they can trust us.

Effective management. Young experienced and active executives of our company are among the best Russian top managers. UMMC enters the list of the largest 20 Russian companies, and that is the result of effective and competent management.

Partners. We appreciate our clients and partners for their confidence in us, for their choice of us and their faithfulness to us.

Leadership. UMMC is a leader in mining and metallurgy. It stays on the cutting edge of technology implementing advanced developments in order to expand the range of products and enhance safety and reliability.

Teamwork. UMMC vertical integration structure and background prove that close industrial and economic relations allow individual enterprises not only surviving but developing, and feeling of team ensures a leading status.

Business development. UMMC continues to develop its enterprises and give employees a start to life in the constant process of diversification of business structure. 


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