JSC "Kolchugino non-ferrous metals processing plant"

JSC "Kolchugino non-ferrous metals processing plant"   (abbreviated JSC "Kolchugtsvetmet") - a large metallurgical plant for processing non-ferrous metals.

It was created on the basis of the state enterprise of the same name. Production of rolled  non-ferrous  metals was founded in 1871 in Kolchugino city.
 JSC "Kolchugtsvetmet" produces about 30% of the total volume of rolled ferrous metals in Russia. On a variety of types and range of finished products JSC "Kolchugtsvetmet" is the only universal producer of rolled products in  CIS.
At the factory concentrated all kinds metal forming processes, which makes the production of flexible and sustainable in market conditions. Currently, at the plant based production over 20 thousand types and sizes of products in the form of tubes, rods and profiles out of 72 alloy grades.

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history of the plant

1871 – 1922

Start of construction JSC “Kolchugtsvetmet”

1922 – 1958

Is invented lightweight and durable alloy for aircraft, named Kolchugalyuminiy

1958 – 2012

Developed and implemented a melting casting flat of ingots LS 59-1 for the production of strip.

2012 – 2014

JSC "Kolchugtsvetmet" is the only producer of oxygen-free copper


JSC Kolchugtsvetmet is a major supplier of cupholders in OAO" RZD "

1871 – 1922

 JSC “Kolchugtsvetmet”   was founded May 6, 1871 in Yuriev-Polsky district Vladimir province on the basis of a paper mill. In the first year of its existence, the plant produced 60,000 tons of finished goods: Brass sheets, copper and brass wire, and he soon became one of the best factories in Russia by processing non-ferrous metals. In 1903, the company was handed over 60 percent of all government contracts for copper and brass products.

1922 – 1958

In the first years of Soviet power were put into operation new workshops in which it was found better equipment. At the plant was the most important task - it is to liberate the country from importing scarce materials of non-ferrous metal. In September 1922, under the leadership of Chief Metallurgist V. Butalova at the plant was obtained first domestic "winged" metal, named after their creators' Kolchugino aluminum". In 1924 he constructed of the first Soviet all-metal aircraft "ANT-2."1922 – 1958.
In 1926 metallurgists of Kolchugino have mastered the first hot rolling of brass in the country.

In 1930, the plant engineer Miller gets a new iron-based alloy and copper, which is adjusted of issue of 
bimetallic sheets and strips. This has helped to save the state hundreds of thousands of rubles.
By this time include the discovery of the secret of making baked in the oven stones for electric smelting furnaces that were previously imported from Germany.
Work is continuing on the development of new alloys and products for the most important sectors of the economy. Beginning in 1934 being developed a series of electrical alloys - alumel, chromel, constant magnanina et al., Required for the production of domestic precision instruments.

In the following years the staff of the plant mastered production of capillary tubes for the aviation industry, various products from beryllium bronze. The company gets a solid reputation. In the early 50s, Kolchugino first time in USSR masters output of titanium and zirconium alloys required for aircraft and nuclear power. In all departments of the enterprise is implemented new equipment,is developed advanced technologies. Is built rolling mill №6, Tube shop №3.

1958 – 2012

In 1958 was developed and implemented melting casting of flat of ingots LS 59-1 for the production of tape.

In 1966 the plant was awarded for preschedule performance of tasks Seven of Year Plan the Order by the Red Banner. Four employees of the enterprise were awarded the title "Hero of Socialist Labor," a few more - the title "Laureate of the State Prize."

In 1971, the plant was awarded the Order of the October Revolution for the successful performance of tasks to increase production, the introduction of new technology, as well as due with the 100th anniversary.

Seventies and eighties - a few years radical reconstruction of the plant.
Production capacity of existing plants are expanding.
In fact, the new plant is created with advanced equipment and technology, with good working conditions. As a city-forming, the plant makes a great contribution to the development of Kolchugino and social sphere.

Plant was funded and became known as open joint-stock corporation "Kolchugtsvetmet" in 1993.

Was formed Closed Joint-Stock Company "Kolchugtsvetmet" In December, 2005, which is part of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company.

In 2007 JSC "Kolchugtsvetmet" along with the Kirov Plant GCM joined to the holding company LLC "UMMC-OCM".

2012 – 2014

JSC "Kolchugtsvetmet" is the only producer of oxygen-free copper from special multicomponent alloys for the electronics and automotive industry, machine tools, fuel and energy complex in the CIS.


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