Copper-nickel rods/bars

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Copper-nickel rods/bars

EN 12163

EN 12165


C70600, C70620 (CuNi 90/10)

C71500, C71520, C71640 (CuNi 70/30)


Straight length

Copper-nickel rods/bars are a special type of rolled metal products. Its made of copper-nickel alloys and has a cross sectional shape of a circle or hexagonal. From copper-nickel rods/bars produce washers, nuts, shafts, valves, plugs, bolts, medical equipment and telephone equipment.

Features copper-nickel rods/bars

Such rods has a high corrosion resistance and excellent conductivity. Addition agents improves the properties and characteristics of the copper-nickel rods/bars. For example, silicon, titanium and manganese increase the strength of the alloys and articles thereof during welding.

The range of copper-nickel rods/bars

Copper-nickel rods/bars are manufactured by UMMC-NFMP according to international and Russian standards:

The diameter of the rod/bars from 16 to 120 mm.

Rods/bars of nickel silver or German silver

Copper-nickel alloys are also called nickel silver, German silver, cupronickel or melchior.  the density of the material exceeds the silver. Copper-nickel alloys is denser than silver. Copper-nickel has silver color in distinction from other non-ferrous metals (such as brass and bronze). Copper-nickel alloys become denser (approximately 400 MN/m2) after annealing. Its features also include:

Supply copper-nickel rods/bars

If you buy copper-nickel rods/bars from UMMC-NFMP you will buy products from manufacturer without any metal traiding (resale) companies.

Supply of copper-nickel rods/bars from 500 kg.

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The minimum order quantity of one item is 500 kg.

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