Products Gindre


Copper bars,  busbars

Copper strip

Copper rods

Copper round wire

Electrotechnical profiles

Flexible insulated copper bars Maxiflex

Copper rectangular wire

Automated line Ginder Duchavany allow producing copper bars and electrical profiles any sections up to 7500mm2. Also possible to develop products according to stringent performance specifications with a precise indication of the mechanical properties, dimensions, coatings and the contact surface.

German Gindre Kupferrheydt division specializes in the production of Flexible insulated copper bars Maxiflex. The thickness of the plates from 0,8mm up to 1 mm, insulation strength is 200%.

Gindre Components Division manufactures electrical components acc. to the customer's drawings. It is possible to produce tinning, nickel plating and gold plating.

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