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Brass sheets and strips

EN 1652

GOST 2208-2007

GOST 5168-77

GOST 5362-78

GOST 2205-71

СuZn30, CuZn33, CuZn37








for deep drawing,

for the automotive industry for the manufacture of parts,

e. / equipment vehicles

for the manufacture of cutlery, cladding

UMMC-NFMP produces sheets and strips made from brass alloys. Production is carried out from high-quality raw materials - brass alloys of different grades. The company produces brass sheets and strips, used in various fields of industry and production. Its are produced from high-quality raw materials - brass alloys of different grades. The company produces brass sheets and strips which used in various fields of industry and production.

General-purpose products

Strips are made for general purpose in accordance with fillowing standards:

The thickness of the brass strip is 0.4-25 mm, width - 60-1200 mm, length - 500-3000 mm. General-purpose brass sheets have a wide range of applications.

Sheet and strip for deep drawing

Products produces by GOST 5168-77, 5362-78. Alloy types: СuZn30 (70/30) and СuZn32 (68/32). These products are designed for deep drawing process - diffrent shapes of holow items makes from flat blank. Forming is achieved by metal flow (plastic deformation). 

By deep-drawing of brass slabs obtained axially symmetric and asymmetric complex parts.

Products for the automotive industry

Sheets and strips of brass for the automotive industry. For the manufacture of such sheets used CuZN9Pb1 alloy. The thickness of the products of 2.1-6.0 mm, width - 40-300 mm, length - 1300-1700 mm. According to the method of manufacturing the products are divided into hot and cold-rolled.

The company also produces brass sheets and stripss for the manufacture of car equipment. The products are made from CuZn30 (70/30) and СuZn32 (68/32) alloys.

Brass sheets for flatware (cutlery)

Brass sheets manifactured from СuZn32 (68/32) alloy. Method of manufacturing sheets and strips are cold-rolled. The thickness of the product - 1.1-3.0 mm, width - 77-510 mm, length - 425-1500 mm.

Strips and sheets of brass for metal cladding

Production of brass strips and sheets for cladding in accordance with Russian standart GOST 2205-71. Used CuZn10 (90/10 ) alloy. Such products are used in the manufacture of coins, coins blanks and medals. It can be applied other metals on surface of such brass strrips or sheets. Material can be welding with the steel, and precious metals. It is perfect for gilding and enameling.

Supply brass sheets and strips

If you buy brass sheets and strips from UMMC-NFMP you will buy products from manufacturer without any metal traiding (resale) companies.

Supply of brass sheets and strips from 500 kg.

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