Copper tubes

Product name



Outside diameter, mm

Wall thickness, mm

Length, m

Condition deliveries


Copper tubes of general purpose

EN 12449




Coils, Straight length



Copper tubes, thin-walled

GOST 11383-75

GOST В 17646-78

Cu-DHP, Cu-ETP 1.5-28.0 0.15-0.7 Coils, Straight length Draw  

Copper tubes for the equipment of domestic and industrial air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers

EN 12735

ASTM B 280


ASTM B 68/251


Cu-DHP, С12200



Coils, Straight length Draw  

Copper tubes for water supply, heating and gas

EN 1057

EN 12451

ASTM  B 88

Cu-DHP, С12200



Coils, Straight length Draw Including: pipeline’s.

Copper tubes for heat exchangers

EN 12451

ASTM B 111

Cu-DHP, С12200



Straight length Draw  

Copper water pipes and air-conditioning tubes of LLC “UMMC-NFMP” have the following strengths:

You can buy on the website of LLC “UMMC-NFMP” copper tubes for air conditioning or copper water pipes, as well as other types of tubes of own production. The high quality of our products is ensured by the fact that it is made on the Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek, located in the Serbian town of Majdanpek, with  applying the latest technology and equipment.

Copper water pipes, as well as tubes for  ventilation systems and heating systems are made of high-grade copper Cu-DHP series and have the relevant international and European certificates ASTM B280, EN 12735-1 and EN 1057 respectively, as well as meet the requirements of our GOST 617.

About 90% of the products  are supplied to the markets of Canada, Britain, Germany and other countries. Excellent service properties of copper pipes for heating, air conditioning and water supply (for a variety of piping systems) manufactured by Fabrika Bakarnih Cevi Majdanpek were marked by such world-known certification authorities as KITEMARK, DVGW, KIWA and ITS.

ISO 9001: 2000 British Standards Institution No86683 confirms the quality management system of factory products. Manufacturing and then marking and packaging of products are carried out in accordance with the standards of international and national importance - GOST, ASTM and EN .

You can order at any suitable date wholesale and retail different  types of copper water  pipes and other products available in the warehouse, which is located in 100 km from Moscow (Kolchugino city, Vladimir region). To do this, you need to call to a manager of our sales department.

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