Copper rod

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Copper rods

EN 13601

EN 12163

GOST 1535-2006

GOST 10988-75

Cu-ETP, Cu-DHP, Cu-DLP, Cu-Of


Including section: square, round and hexagonal


Straight length




oxygen-free copper for electric-vacuum industry,

welding, alloys of silver.

Медный пруток  УГМК ОЦМ

The company UMMC-NFMP produces and sells high quality copper rods. Products used in the construction industry, electrical engineering and elements of stop valves. European quality, reasonable price, durability and elasticity.

The range of copper rods

UMMC-NFMP produces copper rods from oxygen-free copper (Cu-OF) for electric-vacuum industry, welding rods and rods from silver alloys. It is produced in accordance with international and Russian standards:

If you buy copper rods in UMMC-NFMP you will buy copper rods from the manufacturer. Our factories produce welding rods, rods from copper with silver alloy and oxygen-free copper Cu-OF (used for electric vacuum industry).

Copper rods produce from diffrent kind of alloys: Cu-DHP, Cu-ETP, Cu-DLP, Cu-OF and others.

For the production of copper rods used metal extruding and drawing. Products issued by the pressing method has a cross section from 20 till 180 mm. Second method (drawing) - 20-205 мм. The shape of the section can be round, hexagon and square. The length of the rods is not more than five meters (as extruded and drawn).

Application of copper rods

Copper rods are used in the manufacturing of electrical engineering and aviation. Copper rods are often used for manufacturing screws, washers and valving elements becouse of high corrosion resistance. They are also used in the metal and engineering industries for the manufacture of parts for aircraft and shipbuilding. Products manufactured from copper rods (for example, gears and locking mechanisms) are used in gas and water supply.Copper rods are used in instrumentation and power industry because of excellent conductivity of copper. Create some elements of housing and conductors in electrical industry.

Features copper rods

The strength and chemical inertness of copper products provide durability when working with aggressive media, temperature and pressure.

Copper rods manufactured by UMMC-NFMP, has the following characteristics:

Products are supplied in coils and segments. For request you can fill the form below or contact us another convenient way for you.

Supply copper rods

If you buy copper rods from UMMC-NFMP you will buy products from manufacturer without any metal traiding (resale) companies.

Supply of copper rods from 500 kg.

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The minimum order quantity of one item is 500 kg.

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